Fruit Maker FAQs

Fruit Maker™ 0-0-26 foliar fertilizer contains a unique source of potassium needed for optimum production. It is absorbed by the leaf in much greater amounts than traditional potassium. Increases fruit blossom set, size & quality as well as tree health, tree vigor & disease resistance.

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 What is Fruit Maker? 
  • Fruit Maker is a foliar fertilizer that contains a unique source of potassium that is rapidly absorbed by the leaf when applied as a foliar spray, resulting in optimum production. Fruit Maker increases yield, size and quality of fruits.
Can Fruit Maker be used to increase the potassium level in soil if sprayed on vegetables such as okra, squash and potatoes? 
  • No, Potassium level in soil will not increase but the Potassium level on your vegetables will increase.
What will Fruit Maker do to vegetables? 
  • Fruit maker contains three types of potassium (potassium silicate, potassium hydroxide and potassium acetate). The combination of these promotes strong, vigorous plants growth, boosts fruit size and cell strength. The regular use of Fruit Maker will also encourage good tolerance to pests and diseases.
Can Fruit Maker be used on apples after snow and when they are blooming? 
  • Fruit Maker contributes to improved fruit size, color and flavor. It is also a major factor in reducing winter injury, spring frost damage to buds, flowers, and generally reduced incidence of diseases.
  • As indicated on our label Fruit Maker is used to increase blooming and is to be applied 3 months before blooming. We have observed many trees blooming earlier and others later. Therefore, under actual not stable weather conditions it is better to use Fruit Maker after most of the bloom has dropped. Using a rate of 1 quart per 25 gallons of water, every 45 days during the growing season and until complete fruit setup.
Fruit Maker Actives: 
  • Potassium silicate. In addition to providing potassium the silica in the silicate deposits in between cell walls and in the leaf epidermis. The silica benefits are:
    • 1. Silica gives the plant physical strength for leaves to orientate toward sunlight, resulting in increased photosynthesis.
    • 2. Plants are more resistant to disease and insects because of the hardened leaf surface. In essence, silica is the plant’s armor plate.
    • 3. Silica is important in water relations within the plant. Stomata has high levels of silica for efficient cooling and exchange of gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide).
  • Potassium acetate. This form of potassium is by far the most efficient form of potassium for foliar application.
    • 1. In a University trial, up to 84% more potassium was absorbed by the plant than any other source of potassium.
    • 2. Potassium acetate is one of the safest of all sources of potassium, resulting in less chance of leaf burn and less stress on the plant.
How is Fruit Maker available? 
  • Quart concentrate


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    • Please reach out to you local county extention service on how to treat your plants.
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