HerbeX Surfactant FAQs

HerbeX™ Surfactant can be tank mixed with your herbicide when the label calls for an oil-based spray mixture.

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What is Herbex? 
  • Herbex surfactant is to be used with an herbicide that calls for an oil based spray mixture. Herbex increases the value of your herbicide by spreading and sticking it to target weeds & brush.
Is Herbex nonionic?
  • Herbex is a crop oil concentrate surfactant that contains sulfonated fish oil and is considered a nonionic surfactant.
  • Herbex increases herbicide penetration and reduces surface tension.
Is Herbex a fungicide activator (any adjuvant that increases the mobility, penetration or adherence of a fungicide)?
  • Herbex can be considered a fungicide activator when properly mix with fungicides that do NOT contain sulfur.
I have used Herbex surfactant with triclopyr for foliar spray applications. Can you tell me if this product could be used as a bark penetrate when doing dormant stem basal spray applications with triclopyr? I am currently using methylated seed oil for that purpose.
  • Yes, Herbex can be used as a bark penetrate when doing dormant stem basal spray applications with triclopyr.  It will work as well as a foliar application, but rate should be increased to 6 ounces per gallon of water  to leave a thin sticky film.  The tank mix should be spray using low volume and low pressure to wet the lower 15-18 inches of stem, including root collar area.  Do not spray when snow or water prevent spraying to ground line.
How is it available? 
  • Quart and 2½ Gallon concentrate containers


  1. Bill Minter February 20, 2018 at 9:34 am - Reply

    You make the statement in your FQAs that Herbex can be used as a penetrant for applying triclopyr for basal bark applications. You imply that you mix these with water. All basal bark treatments I am aware of use an oil-based solution with a triclopyr ester product that mixes with oil, not water. I am interested in the basis of your response, as I would much prefer to do basal bark treatment with a water-based mixture than an oil-based mixture.

    I look forward to your response,

    Bill Minter

    • Plant Dr. April 19, 2018 at 3:39 pm - Reply

      Dear Bill,

      Our product is Oil based (fish oil) and works as a carrier and a spreader / sticker for this application.

      When using, you must follow the label instructions.

      Thank you.

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