The most common problem associated with container gardening is that plants are easily susceptible to Phytophthora, also known as Root Rot. Root Rot occurs when the soil is consistently too wet and it causes the plant’s roots to rot and die. In order to prevent this from happening ensure your containers provide sufficient drainage. Find a good quality soil that is labeled for use in containers. You should also add fillers like coconut coir, which provides good aeration and moisture retention. Consider either enlarging existing drainage holes or drilling extra holes to your pots. You may also want to look into Organic Laboratories’, Organocide® Plant Doctor® Systemic Fungicide.

Organocide® Plant Doctor® is effective on troublesome and difficult to control fungal diseases such as, Pythium and Phytophthora responsible for dampening-off of seedlings and root rots of established plants. It works systemically traveling throughout the plant preventing as well as curing established plant diseases. It is safe to use on fruits, vegetables, shrubs and flowers. When used on a preventative basis, plant growth and health is not compromised from sudden onset disease. After approximately 14-21 days Organocide® Plant Doctor® converts into nutritional phosphorus and potassium that the plant consumes as nutrients, so nothing is left in the ground.

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