Hay Maker 18-3-4 is a foliar fertilizer that increases hay & forage production. It can be tank-mixed with your herbicide and applied simultaneously. With its slow release liquid nitrogen, it is effective in increasing protein content.

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What is Hay Maker?     

  • Hay Maker is a foliar fertilizer containing slow-release nitrogen formulated to increase forage production of pastures and increase hay yield and protein content. Hay Maker is an environmentally responsible alternative to harsh chemicals.

How does it work?

  • It slowly penetrates the leaf and provides a sustained foliar feeding lasting up to 2 weeks. The sustained release of nutrients along with the amino acids increases the photosynthetic activity in the leaf increasing chlorophyll resulting in a quick grow back and increment protein levels in plant tissue.
  • Apply after the 1st
  • Allow 1-2 hours for product to dry before rain.
  • Animals can graze after 24 hours to allow product to dry and absorb into leaves.
  • Apply 14 days prior to bailing hay.
  • You can over-seed immediately after application.

Can I use Hay Maker on other plants?

  • Yes, you can use it on Alfalfa, Brome, Crimson Clover, Orchard grass, Timothy grass and Pasture.  Hay Maker puts the nutrients back between cuttings.
  • Not Intended for Soil Applications. Check soil fertility levels to compensate for amount of nutrients needed and to determine number of sprays.

Can I use Hay Maker on my lawn?

  • Yes, apply 6oz per gallon of water for every 1,000 sq. ft. 1-2 times per month as needed.
  • Wait 4 or 5 days to cut grass after an application.

Where can I purchase Hay Maker?

What do I do if product freezes?

  • Shake well. If product has clumps, strain them out.
  • Make sure product stays in liquid form otherwise product will need to be replaced.

Can I apply with a broadleaf herbicide?

  • Yes, you can combine both products and apply at the same time saving costs of having to make a separate application. The combination will cause the broadleaf weeds to die faster, since the nutrients uptake will lead to also more herbicide uptake, resulting in better weed control.

Can I apply to lawn grass with a surfactant?

  • It is not recommended unless you are mixing another “treatment” with the Hay Maker. Just Hay Maker and water is best as it will wet the leaf surface and then dry there and get absorbed. A surfactant might make it flow off the leaf easier and end up in the soil where it will be a lot less effective. A surfactant is not necessary as Hay Maker will dissolve easily into the water of your tank sprayer.

How Much NPK am I obtaining per acre with the dilution rate listed in your label?

  • You will obtain 1.87 lbs. of N, 0.312 lbs. of P and .416 lbs. of K per acre.
  • Hay Maker is used to supplement the Urea (46% N) you would spread on the ground.

Why is Hay Maker better than a granular product?

  • The Nitrogen being applied calculates to 1.87 lbs per acre, but the maximum benefits are achieved due to our high-performance ingredients. With 60% slow-release urea triazone (better than other forms of urea as it allows for a steady feed) and all higher performing ingredients, its value alone has been proven to maximize your profits. Will not run off your plants or property if it has time to dry before heavy rains.
  • Hay Maker Active Ingredients:

**Triazone Urea.  This is a liquid slow-release source of nitrogen.

  1. It is in a resinous form that sticks and slowly penetrates the leaf when used as a foliar spray.
    • It is resistant to wash off from the weather.
    • The microbes on the leaf slowly break it down into a form the leaf can absorb.
    • In essence, a sustained foliar feeding for up to 2 weeks is obtained.
    • New growth quickly occurs from a sustained foliar feeding
    • The nitrogen goes directly into the leaf to create protein. Protein makes the hay more valuable
  2. Nearly 100% of nitrogen in Hay Maker is used by the plant. Far more efficient than soil applied nitrogen that needs to be taken up by the root.

**Potassium acetate. This form of potassium is by far the most efficient form of potassium for foliar application. 

  1. In a University trial, up to 84% more potassium was absorbed by the plant than any other source of potassium.
  2. Potassium acetate is one of the safest of all sources of potassium, resulting in less chance of leaf burn and less stress on the plant.

What is the application rate using 3-Gallon backpack sprayer?

  • Use 1 pint of Haymaker per fill and use entire 3 gallons to cover 1/8 of the acre. (You will need to mark it off into 8 parts).

How is Hay Maker available?

  • In 2½ gallon containers, 30 & 55 Gallon drums and 250 Gallon totes.