Hay Maker®

Hay Maker® 18-3-4 is a slow release liquid foliar fertilizer with Micro Nutrients that increases protein, yield and forage productions and can be used on all grass types.

  • Foliar feeding provides a quicker nitrogen uptake while our unique slow release Nitrogen, Urea Triazone, penetrates the leaf and provides two weeks of sustained feeding that won’t wash off in the rain.

  • Our Potassium Acetate is the most efficient (84% absorption) and the safest (less chance of plant burn).

  • The sustained release of nutrients along with the amino acids increases photosynthetically activity in the leaf, increasing chlorophyll, resulting in a quick grow back and increment protein levels in plant tissue.

  • Increases protein content – University Test Proven (21%).

  • Can be tank mixed with any herbicide and applied at the same time.

  • One 2.5 Gallon jug can treat 3 acres!

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