When you think of a fungus, chances are you don’t picture something wonderful and certainly not helpful! However, you’d be wrong to think of all fungi as harmful. There all types of beneficial fungi in the world. For this blog, we’ll spare the details, but it might be fun for you in your free time to see how fungus can be used to enhance medicines, foods and more. At Organic Labs we have created a product called Mycostim™ that is a very effective root inoculant that is aided by Mycorrhizae fungus. This is a very successful product that can be used in all types of growing conditions from outdoor flower beds, crops and lawns to indoor hydroponic systems. It’s all about colonizing your plant with beneficial micro-organisms.

You’ll want to try MycoStim™ and experience the results for yourself. We just love it and know you will, too. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about MycoStim™:

What is MycoStim?

  • MycoStim is a root inoculant of beneficial Mycorrhizae fungus which is applied to roots of plants to colonize them with beneficial micro-organisms.

What are Mycorrhizae fungi?

  • These are the beneficial fungi that colonize the root systems of plants and assist in nutrient and moisture transfer to the plant. They multiply and grow like millions of microscopic root extensions, thus increasing the total effective root area of the plant.

What makes MycoStim better than other Mycorrhizae products?

  • MycoStim is a blend of 8 super-strains of mycorrhizae; most other mycorrhizae products have only one or two strains.
  • Because MycoStim has such a potent and varied fungal content, it is more general purpose and can be used in a wide variety of applications, whereas some competing products have “specific” mycorrhizae for different applications. This would force a retailer to stock several different products and would force the consumer to decide which is best for their application.
  • MycoStim is not just fungal spores, it is also a blend of amino acids, vitamins, sea kelp, humic and fulvic acids; all in a pharmaceutical grade cottonseed powder.

What are the benefits of using MycoStim?

  • MycoStim will reduce transplant loss and help establish freshly planted vegetation.
  • MycoStim allows plants to grow faster and require less water and fertilizer because of the expansive root system.
  • Treated plants are more drought and disease resistant. A healthy and large root network makes the plant stress resistant.

How can MycoStim be applied / used?

  • Dust the roots prior to planting
  • Sprinkle MycoStim in the hole prior to planting
  • Coat seeds in MycoStim to aid germination
  • Mix MycoStim with water to make a slurry and use it as a drench or root injection.
  • Re-treat in 90 days.

Will the spores survive or thrive in a compost tea?

  • Typically it is added to the tea just prior to applying. If it is mixed and sits for a bit before being applied, make sure it gets some agitation to assure the spores are in suspension and evenly dispersed. The tea won’t harm it and nor will it proliferate in a tea like other organisms. It is a specific root exudate that brings the spores to life and they begin to germinate, so they have to be in contact with live roots in the soil to begin their germination process.

Does this product expire?

  • We provide a manufacture date, however, it will likely be as effective in five years as it was the day we packaged it.

How is MycoStim available?

  • In one pound resealable, stand up pouch which also equals out to 3 CUPS.

Can you use it in a compost tea?

  • Yes, it is typically added just prior to applying. If it sits in the tea, it should be agitated prior to applying.