Organocide 3-in-1 Garden Spray when used as dormant oil is the most important spray to be applied to fruit trees. Organocide 3-in-1 kills the adults and eggs of over-wintering soft bodied insects, mainly red mites and scales, and thus slows seasonal build-ups.

The application rate is 4 fl. oz. per gallon of water, before the buds swell or before new growth starts in the spring. If applied after growth starts, the fresh new tissue can be damaged. Apply in late winter; when temperatures are above freezing (35-45o F) and when the weather forecast calls for nonfreezing temperatures for at least 24 hours after application; to late Spring when weather forecast calls for no rain for at least 4 hours. Remember that some of these critters are hiding in crevices and cracks in the bark, therefore it is very important to make thorough coverage when spraying.

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