ORGANOCIDE® Contact Fungicide is an organic broad spectrum potassium bicarbonate-based fungicide that has been proven to cure and prevent powdery mildew, blackspot, downy mildew, blights, molds and other plant diseases. It is as effective or better than competitive products, can be more economical and best of all, it’s kinder to you and the environment. It works on a wide variety of plants including flowers, trees, houseplants, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Our formula has undergone extensive independent testing at leading universities including Cornell University, Ohio State University, Miami University, Purdue University, Long Island Horticultural Research Station, University of Florida and Michigan State University.

Organocide® Contact Fungicide is a perfect choice for use in greenhouses, on tomatoes, lettuce, pumpkins, squash, herbs, tobacco and more. It has been used in orchards on apples, pears, and other fruits and in large agricultural growing operations for both vegetables and ornamental plants including Poinsettia, Roses,  Geraniums and many others.

• Potassium bicarbonate-based
• No Foul Smell – No Mask Required
• Use Indoors or Outdoors

Available Sizes: 8 oz. Concentrate (Treats over 430 sq. ft.) & 40 oz. Concentrate (Treats up to 1/2 acre)