ORGANOCIDE® Plant Doctor® Systemic Fungicide

Organocide® Plant Doctor® is an earth-friendly broad spectrum disease control and preventative for use on turf, fruit trees, vegetables, ornamentals and flowers. Prevents and cures a myriad of plant diseases, including those that cause downy mildew, root rot, leaf and stem blights, leaf spots and many others! A systemic product, it has a foliar or root application that will work its way throughout the entire plant to prevent disease and attack existing disease above and below ground. Once inside the plant, Plant Doctor® increases plant metabolism so plants grow faster, bloom more and have an increased yield while providing a nutritional boost of potassium and phosphorous, essential nutrients for plant growth.
  • Systemic Fungicide

  • Controls: Root Rot, Downy Mildew, Fire Blight, Black Spot

  • For Use on Ornamentals, Fruit & More

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