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Thank you for your interest in Organic Laboratories and our unique line of products. We started our quest in 1996 and it has been our privilege to research and develop what we believe to be the highest quality, most effective, organic and naturally-derived pesticides, fertilizers and fungicides in the world. We are guided by the principles of sustainability and accountability. To that end, we are focused on refraining from the use of  harsh chemicals while striving to create specialized products that are in harmony with our earth's natural ecosystems. We are inspired by our customers and their desire to utilize products that can be developed without unnecessary degradation to the air, oceans, fresh water, and other natural systems in which we all live.


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Working Like a Dog

We have been working like a dog in the laboratories and missed a very special day. Wednesday was National Work Like a Dog Day, a day to show appreciation for those who carry more than their load, and work like ...

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Hay Maker makes a difference!

The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension performed a protein content test on hay that was treated with Hay Maker vs Untreated Hay.  By using Hay Maker 18-3-4 you could increase forage production of pastures, increase hay yield and protein content ...

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Hay Maker the difference maker!

All over the country farmers are making hay. If you are not using Hay Maker you could be jeopardizing your crops potential for greater success.According to the USDA (Click Here - see report pg 31) the United States harvested and ...

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Recognizing the dads at Organic Laboratories in honor of Father’s Day!!

Oscar Carrion, our shop foreman has worked at Organic Laboratories for the past 5 years. Oscar has 2 daughters Sky and Gabi, both  13 and an 8 year old son, Jacob.To get to know him a little better, we asked ...

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