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Thank you for your interest in Organic Laboratories and our unique line of products. We started our quest in 1996 and it has been our privilege to research and develop what we believe to be the highest quality, most effective, organic and naturally-derived pesticides, fertilizers and fungicides in the world. We are guided by the principles of sustainability and accountability. To that end, we are focused on refraining from the use of  harsh chemicals while striving to create specialized products that are in harmony with our earth's natural ecosystems. We are inspired by our customers and their desire to utilize products that can be developed without unnecessary degradation to the air, oceans, fresh water, and other natural systems in which we all live.

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Teaching Our Children Gardening & Sustainability

Gardening and sustainability isn’t just for adults. Children should be encouraged to learn about plants, the environment and its current issues.  Explaining the consequences of their choices and behaviors on the environment also  teaches them other values such as responsibility ...

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Mother's Day Garden Fr-enemies

Since purchasing my first home, I am now able to enjoy my spring evenings in my peaceful backyard. I received a beautiful bird feeder to adorn my fruit trees with this year for Mother’s Day. When I awoke this morning, ...

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The most common problem associated with container gardening is that plants are easily susceptible to Phytophthora, also known as Root Rot. Root Rot occurs when the soil is consistently too wet and it causes the plant’s roots to rot and ...

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Happy Earth Day!

Rosanna and Chaye got to have a little fun today at Organic Laboratories. They took some time out of the hard work they do to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day by planting an Organic Grow Box Kit for Earth Day. (Pictured ...

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Organic Farming solutions for the Home Gardener and Commercial Grower

Recommendation from Mike the Farmer at Ground Floor FarmGround Floor Farm is the first urban farm and community center in Stuart, FL. Our mission is to help develop a stronger, more resilient community through a focus on food, art, and ...

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